I’ve been making photos since the dark room days.  If I ever start a band, it will be called Dark Room Girls, because I seriously spent so much time in there, I hardly saw the light of day back then.  

I’m California born and raised on an organic vegetable farm, and learned to drive a tractor when I was 9, I’ve been working ever since.  I am based in Brooklyn, NY and travel for work.

I picked up a camera in high school after a stint in portrait painting, but soon got caught up in the magic of the dark room.  I learned to process and print film in both black and white and color, which means I used to spend days working on a single print, trying to color balance the image to get the skin tones just right.  All of those years, brought me to care a lot about the tones, color balance, and the overall feel of the image, which is why my photos have a certain quality about them that feels like film.  I shoot all digital now, and I love it.  It gives me a lot of freedom, and the ability to work quickly on a day that things happen so fast.  

I chose photography, because I am inherently curious, and am constantly fascinated by people and the world around us.  If I could do a million other things I would, but there is only so much time, so my camera gives me  a backstage pass into a lot of different worlds, and I feel honored that people invite me to document their lives, projects, and stories.  

I attended two schools of vastly different worlds, Los Angeles City College where  I learned everything  I know about film from photography from Daniel Marlos, and also made all of my closest friends.

I got my B.A. from Art Center College of Design, where some heavy hitters come from and teach at, and I’m thankful to have met a lot of the brilliant minds that have passed through there.

Enough about me, drop me a line and tell me about you.